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Commoda software subscriptione Sadeen Riyadh Marketing Company

  • The age or health status of the participant is not required.
  • The discount rate starts at 1% and reaches 80%
  • Free statements with a wide range of partners such as hospitals and clinics
  • The Subscriber will receive the service directly without a transfer letter or prior approval from the company, as approval is available at the service centers in advance.
  • Sadeen Riyadh Co., Ltd. is committed to making instant and long term services available and affordable through discounting the discount while maintaining high quality and
  • helping customers meet their needs,
  • Sadeen Riyadh Card is a bridge of interest and attention to you and your family members and our customers benefit from the highest levels of services at reasonable prices.

Sadeen Riyadh Company Limited

The strongest cash discount card in the Arabian Gulf is based on the idea of ​​direct debit at the best and lowest prices

In the field of education (international, private and kindergarten schools)

Discounts starting from 10% for student fees for the year

(In percentages ranging from 1% up to 80%) for individual services from medical services, women’s concerns, beauty centers, restaurants, hotels, apartments, car rental, sports clubs, cafes, glasses and many other discounts in official contracts with the parties offering discounts. Discounts and commitment to them.

Sadeen Riyadh Marketing Company offers discount cards free of charge to registrants in charitable institutions and

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