Sadeen Al-Riyadh LTD

Our values

Preserving the core values of the Up holders of taking into account the excellence in our work and actions.

Our visions

The construction of the largest commercial relations with many international companies specialized in all the different tracks.

Our main objective

reach all the services needed by the individual in the Arabian Gulf

Sadeen Al-Riyadh LTD services

  • Our customers benefit from a discount ranging from 1% up to 80% on a long list of individual logistics services.
    Our customers do not need to submit any papers with Sadeen Al-Riyadh card other than proof of identity.
  • The card can be used immediately upon receipt without any waiting period.
    The card is used indefinitely without any other restrictions.
  • Sadeen Al-Riyadh Membership Card includes only one member.

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Advantages of subscribing to the program of Sadeen Riyadh Marketing

  • The discount will be in Sadeen Al-Riyadh Card for each customer and without coupons and will pay the service value in cash.
  •  There are no conditions for the age or health status of the participant.
  • Discount rate starts from 1% up to 80% and free checks with a wide range of services such as hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, radiology centers, laboratories and women’s labs.
  •  The Subscriber will receive the service directly without a transfer letter or prior approval from the company, as approval is available at the centers of the services provided in advance.
  • Sadeen Al-Riyadh LTD. In making instant and long term services available and affordable by providing discount while maintaining high quality and helping customers meet their needs,
  • Sadeen Al-Riyadh Card is a bridge of interest and care for you and your family and our customers will benefit from the highest levels of services at reasonable prices

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